8 reasons why dryrobe is the world’s best change robe

8 reasons why dryrobe is the world’s best change robe

Since its inception nearly 10 years ago dryrobe has established itself as an essential piece of equipment for anyone involved in outdoor activity, from elite-level athletes and water sports enthusiasts through to campers and dog walkers looking to stay warm. dryrobes have even been spotted keeping actors warm on the sets of huge TV series and film productions including Game of Thrones, Poldark and Avengers: Endgame.

Trusted by the world’s most respected water safety experts and biggest brands, including Red Bull, PADI and GoPro, find out why dryrobe has become the industry standard for a huge range of sporting events.

dryrobe was designed by Gideon Bright - a UK based surfer with over 30 years experience in the water. Based on an idea his mum had when he was a teenager, Gideon developed a front zipping change robe, that combined both a warm, advanced towel lining with a waterproof and windproof protective outer layer. It can be used for many sports and outdoor activities including swimming, surfing, obstacle course racing and mountain biking, as well as spectating. Available in long or short sleeves versions both have been designed to make it easy to pull your arms up and in to and get changed inside.

Once you have a dryrobe you will not believe how many uses you’ll find for it.

So, what are the features and benefits that make dryrobe Advance the best change robe money can buy?

1. Warmth

This is the single most important reason that the dryrobe came into existence! A simple realisation that there was a need to find a way to stay warm while changing outdoors.

The super-warm synthetic lambswool lining helps get your core temperature up quickly and keeps you toasty.

2. Waterproof

The most important action you can take to start your recovery from the cold is to get out of the wind, get dry and warm. The outer shell of the dryrobe Advance is 100% waterproof and completely windproof, giving you complete protection from the elements.

Staying warm at an Obstacle Course Race with dryrobe

3. Full-length zip front

All dryrobes feature a full length, super-strong chunky YKK Zipper on the front for fast, easy entry and exit. This crucial difference really separates the dryrobe Advance from ponchos and change robes with over the head access.

Whilst over the head options may be appropriate in some situations, this is definitely not suitable for lifeguards, surf-lifesavers due to their need for ease and speed of exit. It is also a very awkward and ungraceful way for anyone else to get changed!

Getting changed easily on the beach with dryrobe

4. Moisture control lining

The dryrobe Advance uses a synthetic lambswool lining which draws the water away from your skin, drying you instantly while insulating you and making you feel unbelievably warm. It doesn’t actually absorb water, but wicks it off your skin, so you can put it on over a wet wetsuit and it won’t get damp as it does not absorb the water. When you then take the wetsuit off inside the dryrobe (or as soon as it touches wet skin) it will warm you by drawing any moisture away from the skin into the heat insulating pile of the lining, removing the moisture through the natural venting due to the dryrobe’s construction.

It will never feel cold against the skin, even after repeated use throughout the day and dries super-fast at ambient room temperature and outdoors.

dryrobes can also be used indoors too. They were used around the pools by Team GB swimmers at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, due to its warm, fast-drying properties.

Staying warm and dry in the snow with dryrobe

5. Unique design

The dryrobe Advance’s original short, 3/4 length, sleeve design is a massive improvement on more conventional, old-style, square shape robes - which provide no warmth for the arms and allows wind/cold air into the change space. The dryrobe’s unique design provides simple entry and exit of your arms whilst changing and the sleeve covers the opening when your arms are inside. This protects you from the wind chill and rain. Once you are changed and your hands are buried in the deep outer ‘warm lined’ pockets your arms are almost completely covered too (it also stops you accidentally flashing your chest to the world).

There is also a long sleeve version which suits users who want a more conventional look and intend to stand around in the dryrobe for long periods of time. Perfect if you find yourself hanging around at sporting events, waiting to participate, walking your dog or watching your kids. This is designed so that it functions in exactly the same way for changing inside as our original short sleeve design.

The whole garment is made from one huge sheet of fabric, then the hood is added to keep the seams to a minimum and to maximise both strength and waterproofing. No shoulder seams! This thing is one tough bit of kit, designed to last.

Ross Edgley celebrates completing his Great British Swim in his dryrobe

6. Value for money

At first glance, the dryrobe Advance can appear to be a costly version of the basic towel change robe. The quality features listed and durability are what really sets it apart from the competition though. We have customers still using the dryrobes they purchased over eight years ago! Compare that to any other sports tech kit, be it a wetsuit or even a pair of trainers. The price tag for the dryrobe Advance makes it a considered purchase but, the difference it makes to your outdoor activities really means that when you factor in cost per use and the additional motivation you get from knowing you won't get cold changing, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.

You’ll also find so many more uses for your dryrobe than you initially thought, including camping trips, walking the dog, watching outdoor events, staying dry at festivals and even keeping yourself toasty at home when the boiler breaks (writing from experience here!)

dryrobe protecting you against the elements on a dog walk

7. Awards and endorsements

dryrobes are used by the Royal Life Saving Society (RLSS UK), leading water safety experts and lifeguards throughout the world. They are also used for some of the most high-profile events by the worlds biggest and best-known brands including Red Bull and Go Pro.

In elite-level sport, our products have been used by the Great Britain Triathlon Team at events across the world and by Team GB as official kit for Swimmers at the Rio 2016 Olympics.

The dryrobe Advance is widely used for surfing (where it all started), windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing, surf lifesaving, camping, mountain biking, diving, rugby, netball and obstacle course racing. In fact, dryrobes are used now in almost all outdoor activities and the list is still growing.

Custom GoPro dryrobes in action

8. Reviews and real customer comments

Since its inception dryrobe has gained quite a reputation for quality. Nothing tells you more about a product than the comments of people that actually use them. dryrobe products are built on our customer comments, by that we mean that we listen and make improvements based on the feedback from people who use them regularly. We are committed to producing the best possible products.

Don't just take our word for it, please check out the independent reviews on the website (powered by Yotpo), visit our Facebook page or search online to see for yourself.

We believe the dryrobe Advance is the best change robe in the world, and we’re proud to say that our customers back this up.

Children running on the beach in their dryrobes

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