Obstacle race

8 reasons why dryrobe is the world’s best change robe

Since its inception nearly 10 years ago dryrobe has established itself as an essential piece of equipment for anyone involved in outdoor activity, from elite-level athletes and water sports enthusiasts...

Jon Albon OCR cross-training Norway 2019

“My goal most days? The first thing to do is to enjoy myself... go and find activities which I really think are...

Improve race performance with dryrobe - Evan Perperis

When it comes to Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) there isn’t much that Evan Perperis hasn’t done. Whether it’s competing in some of...

Jon Albon - Tromso Skyrace 2017

To say that dryrobe ambassador Jonathan Albon has had a phenomenal year would be something of an understatement. In 2018 he’s won...

Rock Solid Race OCR Team Inov8 | dryrobe

Saturday was another biggie – Rock Solid Race in Exeter.   Following the Nuts challenge it was impossible to see how the...